October 19 2022 admin Pastor Derrick's Blog

Exodus 32:32

32“When the people saw that Moses was staying a long time before coming down from the mountain, they gathered around Aaron, and said, “Come, make a god for us who will go in front of us. For we do not know what has become of Moses, the man who brought us out of the land of Egypt.”

We live in a world where we all must overcome barriers. A barrier is defined as anything that restrains or obstructs progress or access. Barriers come in many forms and types and affect us in different ways whether it’s physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Barriers can play a major role in hindering us from purpose. Let’s look at some major barriers that stop progress.

  1. Self – You sometimes can be the biggest stumbling block to your own success and achievements. Sometimes, outside forces are not our biggest enemies; it’s often the enemy within. You are the first and most important person to overcome. Without your participation and collaboration, success will not be obtained. Don’t talk yourself out of the blessings.
  2. Situations – Situations sometimes overwhelm us and cause us to want to give up and quit. The children of Israel were promised amazing things but allowed temporary situations to make them miss the one thing they wanted – FREEDOM.
  3. Time – Time may be one of the toughest barriers we face. Things don’t often happen when we want them to, or when we are prepared for them to happen. The children of Israel weren’t ready for the promise because they didn’t consistently trust God. Not trusting God became a barrier for them. God will often prepare you for the promise by building patience and trust through waiting on the promise to manifest.