Do You Have What It Takes?

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Do You Have What It Takes?

The first thing you have to do to answer this question correctly is be real and honest with yourself. This question is really a mental challenge for you to see just how much you truly believe in yourself. What are your doubts? What are your fears? What exactly are your insecurities? In order for you to believe that you truly have what it takes to be a success, you must first overcome your insecurities because if you don’t, you’ll continue to say that you have what it takes for your next level of success, but you’ll be in the same position, location, or job that you’ve always been due to more talking and thinking and less action on your part.

To get to your next level, you have no other choice but to overcome your fears. You have to take risks. Start doing things differently so that you can achieve different results. If you’re comfortable, then chances are you’re doing the same things that you’ve always done, but yet you’re expecting different results. That’s not the mindset of a gamechanger! Be the difference that you want to see. Don’t allow your fears and insecurities to stand in your way. You have what it takes, but to exemplify that on the outside, first you have to deal with the mental battle that’s on the inside! Be your biggest cheerleader. Tell yourself you can do it. Don’t just talk it, begin to take the necessary steps to move forward in accomplishing your next level. Success is on the inside of you. You have to be ready and willing to pull it out. Why not you? Why not now? You have been chosen for such a time as this. Make the most of it. No time for sleeping and slumbering, and quitting is definitely NOT an option. Tell yourself…YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!!! You’ve been thinking about your dream for a long time. Now it’s time to go to work. Your next level is waiting.

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