Your Mind- A Powerful Resource

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Your Mind- A Powerful Resource

I often tell my son that he has the ability to do anything that he wants to do if he sets his mind to do it. I tell him this at an early age to plant seeds of potential & seeds of hope. My son now often finishes my statement when I begin to tell him this statement. I believe when people hear the repetition of something, they begin to accept it & believe it. Unfortunately, this repetition in statements is not always positive, that’s why it’s important to guard your mind & what you allow to enter it.

The Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:8 tells us to meditate or think on things that are of good report. When you think on things that are good, your actions are a direct manifestation of these thoughts. Every thought leads to an action, every action leads to a habit, every habit leads to a character, & every character leads to a destiny. 

Your mind is liken to a garden, whatever you plant in it & water, it will produce. If you plant good thoughts you will reap joy & if you plant bad thoughts you will reap pain. Make sure you intentionally engage in positive conversations, listen to positive music, & most of all…surround yourself with positive people…the outside manifestation is most often a direct influence of the inner thoughts. If you want great results, it first starts with positive thoughts. Whatever you want to achieve, you first have to see it in your mind & sow seeds of achievement. You have the ability to do some amazing things & it all begins with a positive thought. 


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