Who Did It???

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Who Did It???

Ever heard this? “He made me do it”… “she made me do it”…”if you had not done that, I wouldn’t have done this”…”Look at what you made me do”.

We have all once upon a time said & will say again one of the above phrases. We will inevitably at some point react unfavorably to an action or offense done to us & will at least once in our lives say that someone made us respond in the manner in which we did. 

Truth is…..there’s nothing anyone can do outside of you to provoke you unless it be in you first. Ex. If a person doesn’t drink, you couldn’t tempt him/her with alcohol. If a person doesn’t smoke, then you couldn’t tempt them with cigarettes. James 1:14 declares that every man is tempted when he is drawn away by his own lust and enticed. Grandma would say it something like this “You can’t squeeze blood from turnip greens” because it can’t be found in them. 

As believers, we have to be careful on this issue. God also looks at the response as well the offense. Galatians 5:22-23 talks about a fruit the believer possess, & it’s called self-control. So no longer can you say someone else made you do it because you have been given a fruit that allows you to stay under control in all circumstances. You have the ability to do some amazing things. Exercise your gifts by walking in the fruit…..one fruit……many gifts…… but let self control consume you.

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