Faith Makes It Possible..Not Easy

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Faith Makes It Possible..Not Easy

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Or simply put in even more laymen terms….Acting as if what God said is true!! But, what do you do when it seems your faith isn’t producing the desired results or petition? What do you do when it seems like you’re walking in faith & hindrances seem to meet you at every corner? What do you do when it seems like faith is not enough?

I believe if we get past just believing & really act as if what God said is true, we will then see the signs & miracles we hope for. . Belief comes before faith, but belief alone can cause you to become stagnant in life. Many people believe but don’t act accordingly. The Bible in the Book of James 2:17 tells us that faith without works is dead. True faith causes you to get passed just believing & puts your belief into action. James 2:18 goes on to say faith without action is not true faith. We’ve been duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled…..thinking we can live in a microwave world, pull out a quick 2 minute frozen dinner, put it in the microwave, & it’s ready.

In conclusion I believe the woman with the issue of blood shows this principle very well. Twelve years of believing & healing finally takes place because of her faith. Abraham was counted a friend of God because he believed, not only believed but put it into action by acting on God’s word. I encourage you to go beyond just believing & truly exercising your faith. Faith is what produces God’s blessings. Act as If…..

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