Have you ever thought or wondered why family is important. Whether you view it from a biblical viewpoint or a physical viewpoint, I believe it’s undeniably an intricate part of our journey in this life. I believe family is not only an important thing,but it’s everything.


The family is central to God’s plan for His children. It is also the central unit of society and the means for bringing children into the world where they can be loved, provided for, and taught truth and righteousness. God had a perfect plan from the beginning (Genesis) when He thought it not good for Adam to be alone & so He made Adam a helper suitable for him.


God truly has shown an abundance of favor to me with the family He has blessed me to lead, guide, & direct in His ways. He has blessed me with a wonderful, amazingly talented, and FABULOUS wife of 14 years & a best friend since the first grade..Wow!! He has given me a son whom is enthusiastic, energetic, & gifted beyond measure. Most of all, he loves his father sincerely which demands me to walk circumspectly..not perfection but with purpose. He also has given me a beautiful daughter (my pretty girl) that her mother declares her as “mommy’s girl” but that’s questionable because I truly believe she’s a daddy’s girl. She is truly a blessing to our house. I believe they all will be a blessing to those they come into contact with. As stated earlier, I believe that family is not only an important thing, but everything. Enjoy and embrace the family that God has blessed you with.


Senior Pastor Derrick Morrissette